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Brian Dennehy Photo credit: Andres Otero

72 year old veteran Irish American actor Brian Dennehy will star in playwright John B Keane's signature 1960's drama 'The Field' in Dublin next month, 45 years after the plays debut.

Brian Manion Dennehy is an American actor of film, stage, and television. After gaining recognition for portraying the corrupt Sheriff Will Teasle in First Blood, Dennehy went on to win one Golden Globe, two Tony Awards and six Primetime Emmy Award nominations...

Brian Dennehy Photo credit: Andres Otero

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  • Brian Dennehy Photo credit: Andres Otero

    After majoring in history at Columbia University, brawny Brian Dennehy (born July 9, 1938) took a string of odd jobs to pay his way through Yale Drama School, and to afford private acting lessons. His first professional break came with the Broadway production Streamers. In films and TV from 1977, Dennehy is a most versatile actor, at home playing Western baddies (Silverado), ulcerated big-city cops (F/X), serial killers (John Wayne Gacy in the made-for-TV To Catch a Killer), by-the-book military types (General Groves in Day One, another TV movie), and vacillating politicos (Presumed Innocent). One of his most rewarding film assignments was as dying architectural genius Stourley Kracklite in Peter Greenaway's The Belly of an Architect (1987).

    In a quiet Texas town, Candy Morrison (Barbara Hershey) and her husband, Dale (Richard Gilliland), seem to live an ordinary life -- but that all changes when she begins sleeping with her husband's friend Stan Blankenship (John Terry). When Stan's wife winds up dead -- the victim of a brutal ax murder -- Candy's arrest leaves the community in disbelief. And, as her attorney Ed Reivers (Brian Dennehy) attempts to prove her innocence, he makes a shocking discovery about his client.