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Bruno Kirby also teaches a lesson about fame. Sometimes a little is better than a lot.

When Harry Met Sally

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bruno kirby - wish you were here

A Slipping Down Life

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Bruno Kirby (real name ) was an - film and television actor.


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Bruno Kirby died from leukaemia in 2006.

American Tragedy [VHS]

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Flesh & Blood

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Bruno Kirby in When Harry Met Sally...

Of course, the little boy said “Yes,” and so the father bundled up his son and took him to a midnight screening in a movie palace, the likes of which New York once teemed with. A few years later when my son was born, thinking of Bruce and Bruno Kirby, one of the first of many nicknames I gave him was “Buddy.”

I’m a huge movie buff (more than a fan, something less than a scholar), and your “In Appreciation” piece about Bruno Kirby was beautifully written. In many ways, this is a tribute not just to Kirby, but to all the characters actors the public knows by face, even voice, but not the name. A fine, fine job. Thank you.

Steven Wright & Bruno Kirby Double-Booked: The Larry Sanders Show

Bruno Kirby
Biographical Information
Born April 28, 1949
New York
Died August 14, 2006
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
First The Godfather Part II
Portrayed Young Peter Clemenza

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SIMON: Bruno Kirby died on Monday, three weeks after he was diagnosed with leukemia. He was 57. His brother John told the Washington Post, there was nothing ever calculated about his comedy and yet it was so genuinely human and funny. He would reveal his guts in his drama and yet you loved him and he broke your heart with it.