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You went to buy one T-Shirt and ended up getting 3 at the price of 2, but do you really needed that 2 of those extra T-Shirt. “Wait we have more for you” is a proven psychological thinking which makes marketers earn more and make you lose more. Moreover you ended up accumulating that stuff which you don’t even need now. If you have this habit of buying extra for free stuff, it’s time to change it. Even if the amount is too less to pay for that free stuff which you might not need, don’t buy it!

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Best Buy is fighting back in a big way this holiday season against “showrooming,” the practice of checking out a product at an offline store and then buying it for less on the internet. The says its workers now have the leeway to match online retailers’ lower prices when trying to close a sale. The new policy signals a sharp shift for Best Buy, which hopes to undercut the main reason would-be customers go home empty-handed and order from Amazon instead.

So, for ALI, the lowest ASK price that you can buy it for is 27.20. There are a total of 5,500 shares being offered at this price. And there are 4 traders offering them.