Investors buy stocks for various reasons. Here are some of them:

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I was planing to buy stock now as early as 22 years old I hope to invest my money as early as possible. I’m trying the co financial. Hope it works

hi.. being a mother of 3 kids (2 studying & 1 on the way) and living a middle class lifestyle, investing is not that easy. as i was looking for ideas how to invest, your article is the most sensible one i have read…a low funding investment (just dont get greedy)…and the minute i finished reading it i was decided! this is it! got 2 questions for now, 1 could my first buying of stock be made on line or should it be personally? 2 were there specified banks where i must have account for these transactions? that`s all for now..thank you very much for this article.. GOD bless us all.

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Good day. I have stumbled upon your site by accident. I work in the bpo field and myself and a colleague were just discussing about buying stocks. I really want to get into this but I want to learn more first. I have no financial literacy regarding this at all so your help would be a much appreciated. Thank you in advance

If you missed any even just 1 of the above, then you are not ready. Do not start investing or buying stocks unless you know the 4 completely. You can read our guides to learn more 🙂