Call me crazy crazy crazy crazy.

Call Me Crazy

Too low to display

Call me crazy cuz i like to get faded

call me crazy cuz i like to get faded
and party all night long so pour my drink strong
baby let’s just make the most of our youth
doin what we want to abide by no rules
we run this dont need no excuse
so fill up my cup im tryna let loose
take me outta my mind ya x2
lost all sense of time ya and im feelin so fine ya

Verse 1:
young livin on a mission to go dumb wit it
um it is pj here to put my heart and lung in it
sorry momma but i really aint done sippin
with some coke bottle girls you know i mix some rum in it, uh
havin fun got me feelin liberated
if i make it i dont care these beats will stay incinerated
and i stay with hella girls who lookin better naked
you know i live to love so watch me celebrate it
baby i be goin crazy ya you can come with
lifestyle will have you fallin in love quick
shots all around going down we aint never stoppin now
rockin out from town to town
wow, only young once so we takin advantage
the crew and i makin some noise and causin some damage
never normal we be livin outlandish
im sorry if you just cant stand this..


Verse 2:
Back up in it, livin with a lack of limits
my image imprinted in heads got em actin different
the way im rappin wit it labels attack my digits
im movin mountains yall migits aint even leavin divots
you be at a scrimmage im competing for the world series
and imma keep bringing heat until the world hear me
you can bet it, debit or the credit,
when my time comes i will jimmer fredette it
for now we at the parties going dummy
actin like fools alcohol in the tummy
hey, cuz life is one big party when youre still young
relax baby girl i promise that our time will come
but right now, im tryna pour it in sip it down
party with the crew life couldnt be better now
ya, with no worries in my brain
cheers to the kids in the world feelin the same sing

No i dont care what yall think
cuz imma do my damn thing
and i dont care what yall say
ya imma do this all day
No i dont care what yall think
cuz imma do my damn thing
and i dont care what yall say
you can call me crazy.

You told me all I would need was a little time
But getting over you is still such an uphill climb
I know I ought to be living in the present tense
But the past I had with you was the last time
My life made sense

Call me crazy-for hurting this way
Call me crazy-go on and say
It's a phase I'm going through
Call me crazy-crazy over you

I know you don't really mean to be so unkind
But pardon me if I'm not in the right frame of mind
To go on hearing how I should start all over again
Face the future without you-
I wouldn't know how to begin

(repeat chorus)

You say I'm lost in a fantasy
But what we had was real to me
Call me crazy

Go on and say
It's a phase I'm going through
Call me crazy-crazy over you
Call me crazy

Call me crazy cuz i like to get faded

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Call me crazy crazy crazy crazy I’m yours

You may all remember Anne Heche's mental breakdown in 2000 that was very odd, even for Hollywood.

This was also just shortly after Heche had broken things off with Ellen DeGeneres, claiming that she was no longer a lesbian.

Heche was found wandering around near Fresno, wearing almost no clothing, calling herself Celestia and saying she was the sister of Jeus, looking for her spaceship. She rang a stranger's doorbell, inquired about a gateway to outer space, and asked if she could use their shower. She was hospitalized the day after (for new programming I guess ).

Sounds like the programming into a heterosexual alter made her snap in other ways...

I'm not even sure she was on drugs. Can be a cover up...
And the interview says that "she has never been diagnosed with a mental illness or undergone conventional therapy".
Would be really strange if she went from "never" to all that "craziness" all at ones. ???

In "Call me crazy", her autobiography, she says that she, by her mid-20s, had two personalities, herself and "Celestia", an alien from another planet who could talk to dead people, see into the future, and was a half-sister of Jesus Christ.

Obvious illuminati pose on the cover - notice the one eye
and her top in two colours, and white (representing bloodline and illuminati/light) fragmented, split and blurred/melting together on the shoulder (representing split personality, several alters in one body - compare it to the MK-sexkittens black/white zebra clothing)
Also notice that her arm is making a pyramid.

Like breast cancer, mental illness is an issue that touches nearly everyone in some way: About a quarter of the population has a diagnosable disorder. But unlike breast cancer, mental illness can be seen as a secret shame, something that Call Me Crazy touches on briefly but doesn't delve into too far. In fact, despite the short-film format, each minimovie is able whisk through unpleasantness quickly to tie things up neatly and find emotional resolution. It reminds me of another quote from Knowles on the original Five film: "In its weaker moments, it can feel like an afterschool special."