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Why Hitler Came into Power


Turkish military junta came into power 12th March 1971

the dictators have came into power by inheriting it, working towards it, and having been appointed the position. North Korea has also committed crimes against humanity multiple times.

Photograph of the Nazi leaders before they came into power. First row left to right: Himmler, Chief of the Gestapo; Frick, Minister of the Interior; Fuehrer ; General Von Epp, President of Colonial League; and Field-Marshal...

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  • How old was Kim Jong Un when he came into power?
  • (*Typically: be ~; come [into] ~; get [into] ~.) Who is in power now

    When he first came into power the question of most immediate concern to Europe was that of the Saar Basin, the part of Germany held by France and administered by the League of Nations in accordance with the Versailles Treaty for fifteen years. After that period the people of the Saar were to vote on whether they desired to return to Germany, become part of France or remain under the League.

    Without one of these it is unlikely that Hitler ir the nazi party would have come into power at all each factor takes a crucial role to the steps in which the Nazis came into power. These factors are: The Nazis had a strong leader with great oratory and brilliant leadership skills, the treaty of Versailles hitler used this in his campaign saying he could reverse it and was able to blame the Weimar to blame it all on. Next there was the great depression where people needed someone new and a plan of action people turned to hitler and associated the old government for the problems. The Munich putsch gave hitler a lot of publicity and tort hitler many lessons how he should gain power. The burning of the Reischtag showed people how hitler showed action and put the blame on the communists. The weakness of the Weimar government was yet another factor which persuaded the people that they needed change and hitler and the Nazis had it. Lastly the decision o von papen and hindenburg to appoint hitler as chancellor, they had no idea how strong a man hitler was and he wouldn't be influenced by a majority of non-nazis. All these factors pushed hitler into power but if the chance events happened at difference times such as the wall street crash then it is almost certain that the Nazis would not have come into power.