5 failed Obama campaign slogans

All Lives Matter - 3" Circle Sew / Iron On Patch Political Slogan Campaign

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1900 presidential campaign slogan of William McKinley.

A list of 74 student council campaign slogans to use for every type of environment. These fun and playful slogans will increase your chances of becoming memorable while gaining support.

A brief campaign slogan that encompasses your campaign message and appeals to voters is a good addition to any campaign, but be careful that your sloganeering doesn’t get too confusing, wordy or cute. In the end, your race is going to be affected most by how hard you work on the campaign trail, not whether or not you have a catchy slogan.

The 1924 presidential campaign slogan of Calvin Coolidge.

U.S. Presidential Campaign Slogans

1928 U.S. presidential campaign slogan of Herbert Hoover.

In an Alabama U.S. Senate race, for example, a candidate wanted to contrast his home-state roots with the fact his opponent recently moved to the state.  He used the campaign slogan, “ Alabama First.”  

If you’re thinking about running for office, you may have wondered whether or not you should come up with a clever political campaign slogan. The truth is that slogans don’t win or lose elections, especially for candidates in smaller local races.