I finished CS Pacat’s Captive Prince series in three days.

Captive Prince: Book One of the Captive Prince Trilogy



CAPTIVE PRINCE by C. S. Pacat is book one of the Captive Prince Trilogy. In it we are introduced to Prince Damen and Prince Laurent, who are heirs to the thrones of rival kingdoms. Damen is sent to serve Prince Laurent as a pleasure slave when his half-brother seizes power and becomes King of Akielos. Stuck in a place where discovery will mean his death, Damen struggles to fit into the Veretian Court.

C. S. Pacat is the author of the Captive Prince trilogy. Born in Australia and educated at the University of Melbourne, she has since lived in a number of different cities, including Tokyo and Perugia.

superhero damen vs gentleman thief laurent. Captive Prince

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  • Damen/Laurent (Captive Prince)
  • Damen/Jokaste
  • Damen
  • Laurent
  • Auguste (Captive Prince)
  • Jokaste (Captive Prince)
  • Nikandros (Captive Prince)
  • Theomedes (Captive Prince)
  • Kastor (Captive Prince)

Commission in progress….this time damianos from captive prince…

Let me warn you now that is not your standard gay romance fantasy novel. Do not pick this book up expecting to watch two men get cuddly; I understand that things get more romantic later in the trilogy, but Captive Prince is first and foremost brutal, and it establishes a truly amazing foundation for what I hope will be (a) a truly amazing plot, and (b) a truly amazing romance.

Title: Captive Prince (Captive Prince Trilogy, 1)
Author: C. S. Pacat
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Publisher: Berkley (23rd April 2015)