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"As Caribbean people, we have our own identity," Audrey Brown, a Jamaican-American in Florida, told the Sun Sentinel paper. "Although we're all Caribbean people, we fall under different spectrums."

Felicia Persaud, the CEO of Hard Beat Communications in New York, led an effort in 2008 to get recognition for a Caribbean origin category on U.S. Census forms. The measure received support through a bill in the House and Senate but has since stalled there. And despite a grassroots effort to get Caribbean people counted in the 2010 Census, the true count of Caribbeans remains a mystery.

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Caribbean People
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“Immigration from the Caribbean to both the U.S. and the U.K. has slowed down to a trickle,” she said. “It is even becoming difficult for people to get ordinary student and tourist visas anymore. Consequently, we are now seeing more Caribbean people seeking to move to Canada, where immigration laws remain more welcoming.”

I understand that there are places Caribbean people have not invaded yet, or, if they have, that they are in freshwater disguise, but this was said to me in 1998 on a university campus in the US, a place of higher learning (good and semi-apropos movie by the way) by other students. You’d think that by now these kinds of questions would have been put into the archives, but they’re still very present.