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Author Cathie Linz (l.) and LJ‘s Bette-Lee Fox

Booklist lost an enthusiastic friend, an avid supporter of romance fiction, and an extremely popular author—seven consecutive starred reviews!—when librarian and writer Cathie Linz passed away earlier this month.

As Romance Writers of America’a first Library Liaison, Cathie Linz worked tirelessly to build the bonds between RWA and the library community, reaching out to librarians to help raise the image and importance of romance novels and helping romance authors understand how valuable romance-friendly librarians—and libraries—could be to them. As both a librarian and a romance author, Cathie was in a unique position to understand both groups and help them understand each other—and she did this brilliantly.

Cathie Linz – Intalnire in amurg.

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  • Cathie Linz – Intalnire in amurg.

    I was a “helper” at RWA’s ALA’s conference in Chicago at the McCormick Place. She set up the booth, solicited authors for free books to give to librarians when they stopped by, got great local authors to donate and come autograph their books. Susan Elizabeth Phillips was there the day I assisted at the conference. The librarians were wonderful. It was a typical Cathie Linz event: Fun, informative, encouraging, and had a dish of candy to share! She was full of love for the genre, her fellow writers and librarians. I’ve never met a more generous writer. Thank you RWA for honoring her in this way.

    Cathie Linz Baumgardner (born November 29, 1954; died March 7, 2015) was a librarian and a USA Today US writer of over 50 contemporary romance novels known for their humor and witty dialogue. Her romance novels are published worldwide in nearly 20 languages. She wrote under the names of Cathie Linz and Cat Devon.