Title: The Caves of Steel (05 Jun 1964)

The Caves of Steel (R. Daneel Olivaw, Book 1)


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Hollywood’s history of adapting Isaac Asimov‘s work hasn’t been terribly stellar, with the two most recent, prolific films being Bicentennial Man and I, Robot. Hollywood still wants to use the influential writer’s work, though, with Roland Emmerich his Foundation trilogy of novels for . Next in line is The Caves of Steel, which, according to , will be turned into a feature by 20th Century Fox and director Henry Hobson. NASA employee John Scott is adapting the novel, but it would appear that this is still in the early stages of development.

In other words: the two are anything but tried-and-true filmmakers, but they certainly have the ability to realize Caves of Steel as a visually creative – and scientifically sound – piece of cinematic art. Perhaps some fresh blood is exactly what this project needs, given its overt similarities to other sci-fi titles.

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The Caves of Steel is a novel by Isaac Asimov

This adaptation could end up starting a series, as The Caves of Steel is the first of four books that feature Elijah Baley as the main character. It’s already been told before, in a BBC movie that starred Peter Cushing. Looking at the book cover, am I the only one thinking of Kyle Chandler? Someone get his agent on the phone.

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