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“I started thinking, there is no way she developed all those recipes herself. She has a million things going on — she has appearances, she’s in movies — there is no way she had time to vet all those recipes. Sure enough, when I looked more closely, not just at that cookbook, but at other celebrity cookbooks, buried in the acknowledgments or sometimes right on the cover, there’s the name of a ghostwriter. There is someone else involved and doing a lot of the grunt work.”

Cookbook Village has posted an article on the cookbooks by celebrity singers, so we thought it only fair to balance it out with cookbooks from our favorite film and television stars. Here are some of the celebrity cookbooks that collectors will enjoy. Some are old, some are new -- all are written by- or centered around some of the world's most respected stars of the screen.

Unlikely Celebrity Cookbooks ..

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Celebrity CookBook by Johna Blinn Johna Blinn | eBay

Most of these cookbooks have little value unless, of course, they are autographed. The value changes substantially. A few of the celebrity cookbooks below are available in our used and vintage cookbook web store, while others sold out nearly the minute we posted them at some point in the past year or few.

Enjoy the list. Please use the comment section below to share photos and information on your celebrity cookbooks not covered here. We love show and tell! Please allow 24-48 hours for your comment and image (if applicable) to publish.

One of the world's most beautiful celebrities is not only an acclaimed actress, but also a wonderful cook. Her Italian family recipes -- over 100 of them -- are found inside this stunning cookbook Sophia shares photos and anecdotes from her childhood and acting career. Pasta is a favorite for Sophia, and this book includes a nice selection of enticing pasta dishes. Published in 1998, the cookbook isn't a vintage cookbook, but it is still a great find and a wonderful celebrity collectible to own -- especially for those who love to collect celebrity cookbooks.