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Most nouns have distinctive SINGULAR and PLURAL forms

So my son was on singular until his allegist told me about the conterversy that has been going on. I have read mixed things about singular, some say it is a wonder drug for and their kids hasn't changed and others have said that their kids attitudes changed dramatically in a bad way. So today I took my son to his primary doctor for this constant cough he is having and it might just be ssthma. It has gotten worse since he has been off the singular. I have to get him tested for but until then his primary doctor put him back on the singular. My question is, has anyone had to give thier children singular? What was the outcome? Did they suffer from deppression, , , night terrors, etc? I am wondering because if this is the case I don't want to put my son through that kind of torture especially if there is another safe and effective other than one tat causes such severe side affects. Any advice will help.

Does any other parents have their children on Singular for and or asthma.? Are the results good better than or the same as , Claratin or . My doc wants to put my son on it because of his allergies and he now is presenting aolot of asthma symptoms. The dr says i will notice a big improvement. But my insurnace wont cover it and it is quit costly. If it does help i will get it then, and not cringe about the price.

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#1 (permalink) Wed Apr 29, 2009 16:49 pm   Children is singular or plural?

Hi Teacher,

I m confused btw Singular n plural from .

As ChildREN is Singular or Plural please tell me .

I now that He ,She IT,tHEY ,n nAME OF PERSON R sINGULAR .



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