Chris Perez book tour for "To Selena, with Love" Pearland,Tx

To Selena, with Love (Commemorative Edition)


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"To Selena, With Love" By Chris Perez BOOK Official Promo Commercial

Out March 1st!
(Spanish) Out March 6th!

Chris Perez, thank you for writing your book on your life with Selena. After 17 years this for me gives closure, We have always seen the on stage Selena, reading through the chapters we see that Selena was just like one of us, full of life, determined, a daredevil and madly in love. Reading this book brought laughter, and tears. As she is brought back to life in this beautifully written love story of their short lives together as husband & wife. If you haven't read this book go get yourself a copy as I heard from Chris Perez Facebook page the hardcovers are limited edition pick them up while they are still available.

To Selena, with Love - Kindle edition by Chris Perez

Chris Perez Releases New Edition Of 'To Selena, With Love'