Christian Rock is a genre of . It is , with Christian Lyrics.

You parents beware when you send your Christian young people to that "Christian Rock" concert!

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The End Is Where We Begin

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Warrior Inside

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It should also be remembered that an artist's personal religious affiliation can have absolutely nothing to do with what genre they sing in. Christian rock refers exclusively to music that is about Christianity. Christians may (and often do) sing in other genres as well. Conversely, many Jews and Buddhists have similarly been incorporating overt religious themes into pop-music acts over the past decade; Islamic pop groups, although not unheard of, are quite rare, largely because the strictest sects of Islam forbid all music. Quite a few rappers, however, are Muslims.

Compare (when music seems as though it could be Christian Rock, but isn't), and (in which the Christian elements are understated). The opposite is , for music that takes a negative view of faith.

CHRISTIAN ROCK: Blessing or Blasphemy?

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It should be noted that this genre can be as diverse as the secular form of rock music. Just as diverse. Everything from soft rock to the various forms of will be covered. And it's erroneous to assume what the viewpoint/theology of any Christian band or its members is, because Christian rock's theologies are as diverse and unpredictable as the entire population of Christians, which is pretty diverse. And compare and contrast , as the two genres are constantly influencing one another.

There's often a perception that Christian variations are watered-down imitations of popular genres, typically with low production values, and sometimes bands just shoehorn Christianity into the lyrics to get played on gospel stations. The reality is quite different. As with any genre, production values and talent vary greatly between bands, but they're on average no more derivative than any group playing on mainstream radio. Additionally, Christian Rock is less than is popularly believed. Most often, it is simply a chosen way for its performers to entertain, enjoy themselves, and/or express their faith. People who are liable to condemn rock music simply because of its genre (without regards to its lyrical content) often don't listen to Christian rock, either. Some church groups (and ) believe that all rock music, including Christian rock, is something to be avoided. Also, with the popularity of various Christian Rock/Metal acts such as , , and outside of the core CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) audience, the "Christian Rock as a " version of this trope may be becoming at least partially .