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I highly suggest The Atonement Child. An emotional read but one of the best Christian books I read in high school. Also Piercing the Darkness by Frank Perretti. Two of my favorite books in general.

There is another thing I wonder if you and anyone else here has picked up on. At “secular” bookstores (like Borders, and B&N), browsing is treated as a normal activity of customers. You can see people sitting down, reading through a book. At the Christian bookstore, I always got the impression browsing, much less sitting down somewhere and looking through any book, was something the management/clerks wanted their customers to do.

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The New Life Mission works to spread the Gospel of the water and the Spirit all over the world through literature. By introducing our website to someone close to you so that he may order free Christian books, you become a precious participant of serving God through spreading the Gospel of the water and the Spirit.

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If you are looking for a retail Christian bookstore then the first place you should head is to your friends, family and church community. They should be able to guide you to the closest Christian bookstore in your area. Otherwise you can use your local directory to find a listing of Christian bookstores or search online for listings. Most relatively large towns will have at least one Christian bookstore.

Finding online Christian bookstores is easy – a simple search in your favorite search engine should bring back masses of results for online Christian bookstores – so you simply need to find the one that you like the best and start shopping! If you are looking for a specific Christian book – then the easiest way to find a store that stocks it is to input the title of the book in your search engine with the prefix ‘buy’ and all the places that stock it should appear near the top of your search results.