~ Cleo Coyle, author of The Coffeehouse Mysteries

Dead to the Last Drop (A Coffeehouse Mystery)


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Once Upon a Grind
Coffeehouse Mysteries #14
Step into this well-crafted cozy mystery at any book number and I guarantee you will go back to the first one to find out about this wonderful group of people at the Village Blend. While each book can stand on its own, the character development gently occurs over the course of the series. The writing is clean, smooth, and top-notch, and the characters are interesting, fun, and dimensional. Cleo Coyle introduces a new aspect to the central character and keeps it within the boundaries of believability. Scenes with Boris are a hoot, and the visions are so well done that one would assume the author had a few of those magic beans as well. (Madame must never find out about the hen and the scarf thing.) And who knew a papaya and a hot dog were related.

With over 1 million books in print, Cleo Coyle has gained an enthusiastic following. The first in their bestselling Coffeehouse Mystery series is now in its 20th printing; two entries have earned starred reviews, including BILLIONAIRE BLEND, which was honored with a Kirkus Star and called "a highly satisfying mystery" by Publishers Weekly. Every book in the series has hit national bestseller lists, including HOLIDAY BUZZ, which was a Top-10 New York Times bestseller.

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    The best part of this book is a tie between the funny yet very mama-wolf protagonist, the sensory-filled descriptions, and the last line “Don’t miss the next Coffeehouse Mystery coming soon.” Each release is just so delicious, from the liquid-brown eyes of Matteo to the smooth brew of the newest Ethiopian blend. With each tasty mention of a recipe in the story, I crossed my fingers hoping it was included in the back of the book. (It was!) I’m pretty sure Cleo Coyle added a dairy free treat in there just for me. Overall, this book was full of a great mix of ingredients, tantalizing aromas and flavors, and feelings of happily ever after.

    I like these people and I care what happens, how they extricate themselves from situations, and how they grow after each book. This is a great read, perfect for the cozy genre audience, and not only will you adore the characters, you’ll love Cleo Coyle all over again for bringing these people into your home and giving you an evening of pure reading pleasure. Enjoy the caffeinated adventure!