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There are several possible reasons climaxing kills pain. The chemical and muscular cascade involved in having an orgasm may be a pain reliever, she says — and chances are that distraction and profound relaxation also help. In any case, it can’t hurt to try.

However, researchers have established that, for men, “from penetration to ejaculation, the average time is seven minutes,” says Niederberger. The timeframe for women is considerably more variable — in fact, women’s orgasms overall are less predictable: Some females may never achieve climax with vaginal intercourse, and some claim to have multiple orgasms.

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    Though the concept has been around for a while, more and more yogis have been speaking out it about, bringing yoga-induced orgasms a whole lot of attention. Are they real? Absolutely, sexologist Jeffre TallTrees recently told . "When women engage their PC [pubococcygeus] muscles, the tissue around the g-spot swells, which can lead to climax."

    While he certainly has a point (, which accompanies orgasm, helps improve the chances of the sperm making their way toward the woman’s egg), Indiana University professor Elizabeth Lloyd has been studying the purpose of female climax for some time. Here’s what she found: The female orgasm promotes “pair bonding,” which means a couple is more likely to pursue parenting; it’s a part of mate selection (a woman chooses her partner based on his ability to make her climax); and there is some belief that contractions during the female orgasm help draw sperm into the uterus.