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After releasing a Greatest Hits set entitled 7even Year Itch: Greatest Hits 1994-2001, Collective Soul ended their contract with Atlantic Records and created their own label El Music Group. The first release on the label was Youth (2004). The lyrics, in particular "Better Now," declared the band's newfound confidence and independence. Two more records and a concert DVD were released under the El Music Group imprint in 2005 and 2006: the EP From The Ground Up and Home – their lush, live, concert event with the Atlanta City Youth Orchestra.

In 2007 the band made an exclusive deal with all Target stores to be the sole seller of their 7th Studio album, Afterwords. The fans dug it, opening at #25 on the Billboard Comprehensive Albums Chart and #5 on the Billboard Top Internet Albums Chart, proving Collective Soul was now conquering the digital world. The album was later released wide on El Music Group. "Tremble For My Beloved" found Collective Soul on the soundtrack to one of the hottest movies of 2008 – Twilight. "We heard through the grapevine that Stephanie Meyer was a fan of Collective Soul's music and lyrics," says Ed. Expanding to tweens opened up a whole new audience for the band. In 2009, a new label and new momentum. Collective Soul released their latest studio effort Collective Soul, on Roadrunner Records. In 2010, Collective Soul parted ways with Roadrunner Records and returned to El Music Group.

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  • Saw Collective SouL at Lake Buena Vista at the House of Blues !!! Kick The Robot opened for them ( they were Great ). The Concert was FANTASTIC.. Was a Little disappointed Album was released after opening Tour ( did have 3 teaser releases).

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    Hailing from the city of Atlanta, Georgia, Collective Soul shot to international fame with their 1993 release Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid, and their mega #1 hit "Shine." The album was a collection of Ed Roland's demos that spread quickly through the college underground circuit and caught fire, going on to achieve Double-Platinum status. After having been invited to the 25th Anniversary Woodstock concert, Collective Soul went into the studio to record their sophomore follow up. The self-titled Collective Soul, released in March of 1995, would be the album that would help define their sound of catchy melodies and guitar driven songs. Containing four outstanding singles (three of which reached #1), "December," "The World I Know," "Where The River Flows," and "Gel," it became Collective Soul's highest selling album to date. The album went Triple-Platinum and spent 76 weeks on the Billboard Top 200 charts. Collective Soul went back into the studio and vented their spleen on 1997's Platinum Disciplined Breakdown, which produced two more #1 hits, "Precious Declaration" and "Listen."

    Collective Soul is a band which formed in Stockbridge, Georgia, United States in 1992. The band currently consists of Ed Roland (vocals, guitar), Dean Roland of (guitar), (lead guitar), (bass) and Johnny Rabb (drums). The band has released eight albums: (1993), (1995), (1997), (1999), (2000), (2004), (2007), and Collective Soul () (2009). Their ninth studio album,