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Change colors and fonts throughout an entire email

Designing with color blindness in mind does not mean removing color completely from the picture, but it does mean taking into consideration the areas you want to truly stand out. Let’s take an example newsletter design run through a . Here’s a comparison of a very-colorful email would look to those with red-green color blindness:

One of the most frustrating problems can be background colors in email. On the web, both the CSS background-color property and background shorthand property are nearly bulletproof. Many email designers take the same approach with background colors in email, with often times disastrous results.

Before Selecting Default Colors and Fonts

  1. Go to the Tools menu
  2. Select Organize, Using Colors
  3. Then choose specific colors for emails from specific people
  4. More advanced automatic settings for applying font type and size to emails can be added by selecting Automatic Formatting in the top right corner of the Using Colors screen
  5. Click “Add” to create more rules

Color Code Your E-mails Advanced - HowTo-Outlook

So, what's the best method for using background colors in email? This article takes a look at a few options before determining the best approach.

Ever get so frustrated with coding HTML email that you start ? In the past couple weeks we’ve heard from a handful of red-eyed users reporting Gmail tests that are seeing black by showing up in inboxes with a black background (when that wasn’t your intended result!) It’s tough to code background colors in email.