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For years, I’ve been meaning to write a new theoretical computer science textbook to replace the ones I’ve used in my classes, that never seem to address the things students struggle with. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the time.

Yes, I’m a geek. As I was finally unpacking some boxes of books and papers that haven’t seen daylight in about 3 years, I found my fun box of computer science textbooks. Data structures, SPARC architecture, C++ — it doesn’t get much better than this!

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    Again, since this isn't exactly a computer science book, you might wonder why it is on here. It is claimed that this is really a book about psychology and none of the authors are computer scientists. However, with fun and random dialogue, he introduces to you the concepts of computational machines, substitution systems, terminations, grammars, recursion, formal logic, mathematical analysis and more, without you even knowing your really learning computer science. After all, what is the mind but a complex computer? It is a very fun and deep read.

    As far as computer science books go... they can get pretty boring... but this one takes the cake... it's so dry and devoid of many helpful pictures or diagrams... I'm really not a fan of this book... but if it's required what are ya gunna do...