Conduct of hostilities under the law of international armed conflict.

The Conduct of Hostilities under the Law of International Armed Conflict


Oxford Public International Law: 5 The Conduct of Hostilities

recalling that the topic of the 14th Round Table was "rulesof international humanitarian law governing the conduct of hostilitiesin non-international armed conflicts",

noting that these rules comprise general rules governing theconduct of hostilities as well as those prohibiting or restrictingthe use of certain weapons,

between IHL and Human Rights: Use of force and conduct of hostilities

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  • The Conduct of Hostilities in International Humanitarian Law

    taking into account the rules which inspired the first codificationrules of international humanitarian law relating to the conductof hostilities,

    1. The teaching of the rules of international humanitarianlaw on the conduct of hostilities given as part of military trainingshould make no distinction based on the qualification (internationalor non-international) of the conflict.