What defines conservatism today?

Conservative Judaism Today and Tomorrow

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Being a Conservative in Today’s Society - Salisbury

I agree, Rod. I’ve always had conservative sensibilities, but there was a time when I aligned more with liberals and Democrats — in part because I didn’t think conservatism had anything to offer me. It seemed too corporatist and militarist for my taste, for starters. When I began to read conservatives like Buchanan, Kirk and you, I realized that what mostly passes for conservatism today is not conservatism at all — the best term I can think of to describe the GOP is corporatist-Christian statism. With few exceptions, conservatives have abandoned their rich localist, traditionalist heritage.

We are fortunate that despite their political power, conservative Christians today are — yes — too compassionate to obey the holy book many of them say is “inerrant.” Because if they did, countless more Americans would be dead today.

Being a Conservative in Today’s Society

What Would Reagan Say About Conservatives Today?

In no case, of course, would today’s Methodists kill the Rev. Cynthia Meyer. Conservative Christians today are personally more kindly than much of the Holy Bible they revere. Hating the “sin” of homosexuality but loving the “sinner,” they ignore Biblical commands to kill.

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