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Controlling People: How to Recognize, Understand, and Deal with People Who Try to Control You


Controlling People and Their Hidden Side

Recognizing controlling behaviors is the first step in dealing with the problems caused by controllers. A controlling person will try to make you think that you cause the problems in your relationship. You find controllers in many places, and some of us, because we're nice, tend to attract controlling people. Maybe you had controlling parents. There are controlling lovers, partners, and spouses. Sometimes, a friend tries to control you. Then, there are controlling people at work, who try to exert undo power on all those in a department or company. No matter where you encounter a controlling person, it can be quite trying.

This author and therapist writes so clearly. She cuts through all that emotional, weird confusion, and lays things out so you get it. You really, really get it, and you won't be tasty bait for any more controlling people, because you'll recognize their tactics. I can't recommend this highly enough!

How to Deal with Controlling People - People Skills Decoded

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    Read on to find out how to recognize controlling behaviors, reasons you may be easy to control, and action steps to take to deal with a controlling relationship. There are also Youtubes and links to blogs and articles that may help you deal with controlling people.

    When a person permanently disconnects, an identity problem arises. The person’s psyche is violated. Once a person cannot believe his own senses, intuition, thoughts, or feelings, what consistency can be established to form the person’s identity? Identity and control must be established in the only other way possible: by controlling people.