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The shock of Czar Putin’s naked ambition on the invasion of Crimea, Southeast Ukraine, and his declaration and desire of not only a “NOVOROSSIYA” AND “GREATER NOVOROSSIYA’ IN EASTERN EUROPE, has put the chills in the West and Former Soviet slave states in Eastern Europe. Europe has acted but Obama is of course still dithering saying very little other than empty threats backed by Zero action. Obama knows only retreat, no Offense as we have marveled at his excellence in retreating from Iraq, now Afghanistan, and from any action in the China Sea as China runs amuck ramming defending ships, with full display of its military prowess including its World War II vintage refurbished Ukrainian aircraft carrier. What a formidable navy that Obama retreats from.

Great article by Perry Diaz on the malevolent actions and intent of Czar Alexander Putin I and of his waking of a sleeping giant. Lulled by the forever feckless foreign policy indecisiveness of Obama and his dithering leadership perorations to avoid any action, NATO has truly earned its sobriquet of “NO ACTION, TALK ONLY”.

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  1. Anonymous November 9, 2006 at 6:49 pm

    >Comrade Czar Putin reminds me of Osama bin Laden holding an AK-47 in an Islamist radical propaganda video.

  2. Anonymous November 9, 2006 at 8:29 pm

    >It always gives me an scary feeling that something bad is going to happen after the Democratic victory of the midterm elections. We would be to distracted with various investgations and all that other sort of stuff if ideological Dems are just that stupid in doing so along with trying to impeach Bush.I fear a nuclear 9/11 could be just around the corner or so, or perhaps another form of WMD terror attack on U.S. soil.


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Triggering a big geopolitical crisis with NATO is an easy way for Putin to shock the oil price back up. Putin’s covert Ukraine interventions up to now have not succeeded in that. In sum: Today’s oil price will be most affected by two men — King Salman and how he uses his spare capacity to produce oil and Czar Putin and how he uses his spare capacity to produce trouble.