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In winter of 1995, released their third issue of their called "Dark Thunder." In this issue, it was revealed that Lord Zedd had been secretly gathering the energy of the old to create his own Ranger team and gain control of the rebuilt . Unfortunately, 's talent pool was too small for him, so he chose five criminals from around the world to take on the role of his Dark Rangers:

The original shooting script for the two "" episodes revealed the names of the Dark Rangers as Justin (Red), Zane (Black), Bobby (Blue), Tina (Yellow) and Kristen (Pink). However, only Tina was named on-screen when she shakes hands with the Ranger teens in the finale of ", Part 2", while the Red and Black Dark Rangers are identified as Justin and Zane during closed captioning for the dialog of the two "Green No More" episodes.

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  • Bobby
  • Farai Jukwa
  • Justin (Dark Ranger)
  • Kristen
  • Marie Claire le Monde
  • Nelida Valensis
  • Osamu Tezuka
  • Stanford Winner
  • Tina
  • Zane

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After the destroyed the crystal, their powers were gone and so were the Dark Rangers. When they transported back to Angel Grove they made peace with the Power Rangers and became their friends.

Soon after the was filled, the gang finally became the Dark Rangers. The Power Rangers tried to tell them the truth about what Zedd would do, but the Dark Rangers didn't listen.