Winners - Dale Gorman, David Weale, Robert Weale (Presteigne) 21

Prince Edward Island: Red Soil, Blue Sea, Green Fields

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David Weale is a great prof. Best at UPEI

Whether writing for adults or children, his work is deeply rooted in the folk culture of Prince Edward Island. The Citation which accompanied one of his many awards stated: "David Weale is a splendid story teller and and writer. In his books, recordings and performances, the landscape of Island life becomes a window into that fascinating, funny and foolish domain we call - the human heart."

Dr. David Weale is a professor of Canadian and Prince Edward Island history at the University of Prince Edward Island. He has written six books, A Stream Out of Lebanon (Institute of Island Studies, 1988), Them Times (Institute of Island Studies, ...

Sources: Alan Buchanan, Dennis King, Gary Evans and David Weale.

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"Within living memory a revolution has occurred in the green and gentle countryside of Prince Edward Island. Over the past few decades the changes have been so profound that the recent past is now referred to by many as "them times."
Based on the popular local CBC Radio series of the same name , Them times is a collection of historical vignettes depicting Prince Edward Island before and after what some folklorists call "the break," that early post-World War ll period when the twentieth century seemed to hit the Island all at once. David Weale combines anecdotal reminiscences of Islanders with some of his own musing and observations of a way of life that has all but disappeared .

.... One of the most engaging such recordings is the work of a small company in Tors Cove, N.L., a short drive out of St. John's. Rattling Books produces a variety of engagingly unusual Canadian titles, many of them with a Newfoundland-Labrador connection, in unabridged audio format. (And unapologetically, too. Says founder Janet Russell to anyone who thinks audiobooks "are some form of cheating: If you want to be like that about it, writing it down in the first place was cheating. What's wrong with you, can't tell a story or what? In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Spoken.") One of the most engagingly unusual of its titles is a kids' audiobook with a festive-season theme. And it has recently been honoured with an Earphones Award from the U.S. magazine AudioFile. The True Meaning of Crumbfest (22 minutes unabridged/1 CD, $9.95) Written by Prince Edward Island history professor and storyteller David Weale, this story has become very popular since it first appeared in print seven years ago. It is the adventure of a small mouse who tries to discover why something wonderful happens once a year, after the extended mouse family moves from their beloved Outside to the between-walls darkness of the Inside. Sweet and delightfully tart at the same time, and perfect for kids four to nine, the story is narrated by Antonia Francis. And that's one of the surprising appeals of the recording. At the time the story was recorded -- in 2001, for her mother's community radio show -- Antonia was only five years old. Young Antonia turns her little voice to a genuinely impressive range. She is as cheery, apprehensive, sad or triumphant as the narrative occasion demands, and she is eminently listenable. The 22-minute recording is the original radio presentation, rough around the edges, but still a joy. AudioFile called Crumbfest a "special treat." And so it is.