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The Lord’s Day - James E. Faust

One day, James is waiting at the junction when Percy arrives with some . James tells Percy that engines should always be on time and he puffs away. Percy thinks James is being bossy and ignores him. It is market day and James arrives at the harbour to see all the wonderful fruits from far away lands. James' trucks are filled and he sets off along the main line. On the way, he meets Thomas, Annie, and Clarabel and can't resist boasting. Thomas knows that there'll be trouble ahead for boastful James.

Pierce Brosnan shows in his last Bond film Die Another Day that James Bond can be more than just a tough and savage animal that goes to the extreme with his bare hands. Pierce brings the gadgets and vechicles to his strength through out the whole film. This is what Bond movies need. Gadgets, Women, exotic and unforgiving locations. The music score through out the film by David Arnold even adds that electronic feel to it. This is modern day Bond. Die Another Day is not just some revenge or killing spree type Bond movie, Die Another Day truly takes James Bond to his climax. You will never see so much, gadgetry, vechicles, eye-popping locations, and beautiful women. Brosnan packs the punch for his last outing as James Bond. Daniel Craig has truly failed matching up to Brosnan's heights when it comes to a true James Bond. We'll Miss Ya Pierce!

Member Profile - James J. O'Day

May Day: "And I thought that creep loved me!"
James Bond: "You're not the only one he double-crossed."
―May Day and James Bond.[src]

Feast of Saint James the Apostle in Spain