‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ opens on May 23.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

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Bishop, X-Men Days of Future Past, Omar Sy

The most striking thing about X-Men: Days of Future Past is its generosity. Huge franchise installments are rarely as enjoyable as this one. They aren't as inventive, richly detailed, surprisingly varied, elegantly crafted or improbably stirring.

The only actor that actually has his hands full in this film is Hugh Jackman. In fact, they could have easily called this movie “Wolverine: Days of Future Past”, except they wouldn’t have because it turns out that no one wants to see solo Wolverine movies after the Origins disaster.

Sentinel, X-Men Days of Future Past

Wolverine, X-Men Days of Future Past

For those who felt The Last Stand was a poor exit for many of these characters, X-Men: Days of Future Past should at least salve the wound in part.

One of the all time finest X-Men stories of all time, Days of Future Past also introduced the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants led by Mystique, a villainess seen in the pages of Ms. Marvel. Her new team consisted of Avalanche, Pyro, the seer Destiny and the only member of the original Brotherhood, the Blob. It was a good first appearance and also laid the first hints regarding Nightcrawler’s lineage, a story that would be revisited much much later.

In the early 80’s, the X-Men topped the charts and was a hit with critics as well. There are better storylines during this time, but for my money Days of Future Past is one of the best.