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Originally, Scholastic had arbitrarily separated Dead Famous books from Horribly Famous books. Now, it appears that Scholastic is slowly reprinting all of the books in both categories under the Horribly Famous category (phasing out the Dead Famous category).

Usually, when reading a history book the text is too long and too informative for me to take in. But with these Dead Famous books, the history is written in bite sized chunks, and with a humourful flair. They also make learning FUN. The illustrations and captions are also witty, funny and bare resemblance to the people they're based on.

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Dead Famous by by Carol O'Connell: Summary and reviews

(previously also ) is a series of books containing biographies of notable people who are now dead. These books are written by a range of authors and the books are, in some cases ghost-written under the same name as the one person featured in a Dead Famous book. As a spin-off series, aims to offer an enchanting humour and style of writing that appeals to children so they can be educated and entertained. Whilst previously and were separate, during the redesigning of the book covers, Dead Famous books became republished using the new Horribly Famous cover design, effectively rendering the Dead Famous series obsolete. Many of the titles were also shortened, such as "Leonardo da Vinci and His Super-brain" to .