Some of the better known decorative knots include:

Decorative Knots for Jewelry and Accessories


This is an alphabetical list of decorative knots.

From the mid-nineteenth century is fascinating, especially for jewelers, creating
Insect and butterfly patterns with different combinations of decorative knots.
decorative. This "Dragonfly China" has proved to be an example of his most popular
construction is carried out by "Knot Button" and two "Knots Love".

The appearance of many decorative knots can be improved simply "doubling" -
literally follow the initial path of a cord a second time. The photo shown below
is a version of "double" the "scraper Knot", explained below, but instead of carry out the ends of the knot (step 3), bend both ends by taking them by the hand inside and along the initial bead, as indicated in step 1 below. Perform step 2 and take the ends off, as shown. Tighten the knot and work it until its final form, step 3, taking care that the cords are together.

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    Workshops offers learning programme in the field of Useful,Ornamental and decorative knots, from basic fishing knots to to weaving a Turk's knot, macrame bracelets or star knot.

    Decorative knots have a long history in many traditions and cultures, from Celtic, to Chinese, to Buddhist, to mariners and sailors. Intricate knots were often believed to bring good fortune or true love to their wearers.