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The constantly laughing Jack-in-the-box with razor sharp teeth. Like Baby Oopsy, he has different powers depending on which movie. In the first movie, Jack is just a killer Jack-in-the-box whose box is actually part of his body, and he can't leave it. He also has at the end of his tail a Baby Rattle, somewhat of a pun on the term 'rattle snake'. In , he has the ability to leave his box at will and slither around in a snake-like form. In Puppet Master VS Demonic Toys, he can laugh with pitch high enough to kill someone. He is also one of the only two toys (the other being Baby Oopsy Daisy) to appear in all of the Demonic Toys movies to date, and is the most popular toy among fans. According to Charles Band, Mr. Mascaro from is Jack Attack in "human form". Jack Attack also appears in , which features cameo appearances by several Full Moon characters, including from the series, , Ivan Burroughs from and an African warrior from . This toy had its own trading card.

is a published by in 1994. A teaser poster for was made with Grizzly Teddy and Jack Attack on it. The Jack Attack and Grizzly Teddy on the poster resembles the ones that appear in the comics The comics take place 8 years after the original The Demonic Toys have drastically changed in appearance; the toy that has changed the most is Jack Attack who now has arms. The Toy Soldier is also aligned with the demonic toys. It takes place eight years after the first film, following the toys as they try to revive their master.

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  • Appeared in: Dolls and Demonic Toys

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Robert fixes up the puppets with new cyborg parts and powerful new weapons which will come very much in handy. Meanwhile, Erica leads a girl into her trap, by convincing her to open a Jack in the box, only to find out it is Jack Attack. The girl is then tortured by the toys, making Oopsie Daisy rip open her shirt and bite at her breasts. She is then lead to a iron maiden, and forced in there. Erica's servants activate the trap, and the spikes move forward and kill her. Her blood goes into a well which triggers a demon. Erica becomes bored of life and has another evil plan up her sleeve, using the help of a certain demon she mass-markets demonic toys which appear harmless on the outside, but on Christmas Day all the toys will awaken and kill. When Bael learns of Erica's obsession towards Robert Toulon's puppets he remembers that centuries ago a doctor by the name of Shaun Paul Toulon made a deal with him that he'd hand over his soul for the secrets of alchemy but after Bael came to collect the soul it had apparently wandered deep into a black forest and become lost and entangled with an ancient oak. That very tree was the one Andre Toulon used to carve his first retro puppets.

The "Demonic Toys" are the titular antagonists of the comedy-horror series "Demonic Toys" and are a collection of seemingly harmless playthings that are in reality the avatars of powerful demons from Hell who seek to cause havoc in the mortal world, as well as appearing in their own franchise the "Demonic Toys" have had battles with other characters from similar franchises: most famous of all the from Puppet-Master (where the Puppets were portrayed as heroes and the "Demonic Toys" retained their usual status as antagonists).