Design of fluid thermal systems.

Design of Thermal Systems

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MAE 412 Design of Thermal Systems

8.1 The first step in the design of a thermoelectric cooling system involves making an analysis of the system’s overall thermal characteristics. This analysis, which may be quite simple for some applications or highly complex in other cases, must never be neglected if a satisfactory and efficient design is to be realized. Some of the more important factors to be considered are discussed in the following paragraphs. Although we have made certain simplifications that may horrify the pure thermodynamicist, the results obtained have been found to satisfy all but those few applications that approach state-of-the-art limits.

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MAE 412 Design of Thermal Systems

Design of Thermal Systems
Wilbert F. Stoecker
Snippet view - 1980

Design Of Thermal Systems Stoecker Solutions Manual

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THERMOFLEX is a fully-flexible program for design and off-design simulation of thermal systems with a strong emphasis on combined cycle and conventional steam plants. Its extensive library of components facilitates designing plants based on typical practice of today, or investigation of novel designs that may become practical tomorrow. THERMOFLEX can operate on its own using virtual models of components, or together with PEACE which provides a set of physical components whose weights and dimensions provide the basis for estimated cost. THERMOFLEX can link to one or more models built in GT PRO, GT MASTER, or STEAM MASTER to create super-models that exploit the best features of the Application-Specific and Fully-Flexible systems.