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Diane Lobel's immediate neighbors in , are 38 individuals in 13 households.

A silver Jeep Cherokee, driven by 58-year-old Diane Lobel, had careened across the pool and landed in the deep end. “I heard the crash and I just jumped right into the water the minute the car hit the water so I was in there the same time as her trying to get her out and I couldn’t do that,” he said. Her front windows were down so Martello tried the driver’s side, but he says Lobel was unconscious and trapped by her air bag.

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  • Diane Lobel, 58, died after crashing her Jeep through the fence of her apartment complex and into the pool
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    African Portfolio placed among the top eight safari operators in the world. How did a boutique operation out of Fairfield County get the attention of a global publication and join some of the most recognized names in the field? African Portfolio's owner, Diane Ebzery Lobel says, "It all has to do with years of experience, first-hand knowledge of the African destinations and having a thorough understanding of what's important to our clientele."

    Diane Lobel's immediate neighbors in , are 25 individuals in 16 households.