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than if you do not mind there is still a season 2 that needs to be completed. That means every station, episode, character, species got to be on the site. If you want to put merchandise than that is fine with me. There is the Dinosaur Train DVDs that was released and the toys are fine. Just try not to get to carried away with certain things. Like a romance, or the train. The train page should be one full page with the different parts of the train not all different pages. There is a electronic train, and the Dinosaur Train Submarine to get to. Those I can accept a different page and can be listed under transportation. Just to help. Me, I am looking for the last few stations and characters so far it is slow and far inbetween.

Dinosaur Train DVDs are perfect for the Dinosaur Train fanatic in your life! They are also a good way to start learning about Dinosaurs. Read below for some information on two newer releases.

Dinosaur Train: Under the Volcano DVD 2016

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PBS KIDS - DINOSAUR TRAIN: Nature Trackers (DVD ..

i don't do those romance fandoms on DT but i do fandoms on the TLBT wiki. Since they release the submarine dinosaur train dvd, i'll get it and watch the episode again for making the plots.

The Easter Bunny will visiting this weekend and he has something great for all of my fellow Dinosaur Train fans! The Jim Henson Company, PBS Kids, and Paramount Home Entertainment had a great new Dinosaur Train DVD for your Easter basket this year!The Dinosaur Train: Eggstravaganza DVD has arrived!