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The 50th edition of the DJ Kicks series will be headed up by Pampa label boss, DJ Koze, and is a sublime presentation of his influences and slightly melancholic take on the …

All told, it's a supremely confident set from someone operating at the peak of their abilities. Hard to believe that it's Westbeech's first ever mix. "It was scary," he says. "I've grown up with DJ Kicks. For me it's a very important series and I didn't want to throw it together at a time when I've never been as busy. It came at a pretty crazy point in my life, but I feel I've done myself justice with it."

Soul Clap - Lonely C (Dj Kicks honorable selection)

  • If I Ever Feel Better (DJ Kicks Remix)
  • "DJ KICKS"courtesy of LTF FILMS

    The point of a DJ kicks mix released on site where neither the full track-list nor the continues mix are available (UK), yet certain tracks are? Very happy with other achievements on this site but surely this is both a tease and a disappointment for UK subscribers! We deserve better.

    This beautiful track has been kicking around for minute now and we’re very excited its finally getting released. One of those tracks that just makes the world stop around you. Available in 12" format on June 6, exclusively as part of Will Saul’s DJ Kicks album. Mr. Saul helms the always wonderfully curated .