3. Advertise your dog walking business like crazy.

The Dog Walker's Startup Guide: Create Your Own Lucrative Dog Walking Business in 12 Easy Steps


9. Create a business card and logo for your dog walking business.

You may have to register for a business license in your town to operate a business legally. Most dog walking businesses are formed as sole proprietorships or limited liability companies (LLCs).

This DVD has all the goodies you could want. From a 20 minute full client interview conducted by J.D. Antell, to a dog walker's basic obedience training workshop that covers the most important verbal cues for dog walkers. The DVD is also packed with bonus material such as business forms, agreements, letters, sample advertisements and more! The Dog Walker's Companion complements The Dog Walker's Startup Guide and gives you the full advantage when starting your own dog walking business.

16. Create a liability form for your dog walking business.

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  • Good luck with starting your own dog walking business!

    Start a dog walking business. Brilliant, concise stuff-- text updates, release forms, door hangers, t-shirts with your logo, label clients house keys with dog's names, appointment books, care in hot & cold weather...

    This form of insurance is not only meant to protect the dogs you’re walking, but your business as well. You face a huge liability risk when working with multiple dogs. Dog walking liability insurance will assist you if a client’s dog bites another person or is injured while in your care. Purchasing dog walking business insurance protects you and the dogs, and can be very helpful to improve your professional reputation.