"I Am In A Very Happy Domestic Discipline Marriage"

Alpha Husbands and Obedient Wives (Christian Domestic Discipline Romance): 3 Complete Series in 1

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I have given my wonderful husband complete control of our marriage. We are a young couple but believe in tradition family values where the husband leads the home. This is our journey through a domestic discipline marriage in the UK.

it was my idea, because I wanted to be a better wife to him. Growing up in a non Christian household I didn't know how to be a submissive wife, and discipline seemed like the perfect thing to make my life the way the Lord wanted it. My husband is not very dominant with me and this is something that I am praying for, I need the security that comes with the rules and the correction. I long for it! Since we have started using domestic discipline our marriage has gotten so much stronger and I feel like we are really one.

Our journey into Domestic Discipline to make our marriage wonderful

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    It is so much more than spanking. That is one small factor. Dominance, obidience, submission, trust and vulnerability are very adult emotions. I’ve been a child and I’ve been a parent. Neither of those roles come close to being a Wife in a Domestic Discipline marriage.

    If you are in a domestic discipline marriage please seek counseling so that you can make an informed, rational decision about your marriage relationship.