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Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 1


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Dragon Ball Z comprises the second part of the acclaimed series Dragon Ball, which originally ran in Japan's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1984 to 1995. Collected and published into 42 volumes, the series quickly became an international bestseller. (In the United States, volumes 1 through 16 were published as Dragon Ball, and volumes 17 through 42 as Dragon Ball Z.) Widely acknowledged as a landmark series, /Dragon Ball Z/ has been adapted into animated television series, movies, video games, toys and collectibles worldwide.

by Akira Toriyama Special 72-page issue! At the end of his rope, collapsing from exhaustion, the evil Freeza makes one last attempt to kill Super Saiyan Goku before Planet Namek explodes. Meanwhile, across the galaxy, dead heroes are reunited as the power of the Dragon Balls brings Freeza's countless victims back to life. This is the last issue of the regular Dragon Ball Z monthly comic! (CAUT: 3) b&w, 72pg (10 of 10) $2.95Cover price $2.95.

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