Title: Drinking Buddies (2013)

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Drinking Buddies opens wide Friday, August 30.

I have high hopes for Drinking Buddies, even if I don’t believe it’ll be a big commercial success. But don’t count it out because it’s more or less going straight to DVD, since that’s becoming more and more common.

This group is for LGBT people who need drinking buddies. Maybe you're new in town, maybe you want to replace your friends, maybe you don't want people to know you're becoming an alcoholic and want to drink without being judged. Maybe you're gay. Maybe you make friends or looking for someone special. But in all seriousness, this is a group open to anyone who just wants to have a drink and socialize.

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    An extraordinary current of pain runs through Joe Swanberg’s new romantic comedy, “Drinking Buddies,” a deep melancholy that turns out to be the driving force of the action, which is the sustenance of the life of a couple—and the incommensurable gap between a member of a couple and a single person. There’s a stern morality at work in the movie, which begins with the irrepressible flirtation of two seemingly kindred souls—Luke (Jake Johnson), who runs a Chicago craft brewery, and Kate (Olivia Wilde), the marketing director. They and their respective partners, Jill (Anna Kendrick), a schoolteacher, and Chris (Ron Livingston), a music producer, will soon learn that playtime is over, that couplehood is a vast but unstable edifice that can be shaken and even shattered—or, for that matter, defended valiantly by a single action.

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