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EliteRencontre is a French dating site designed for serious seekers of a committed, long-term partnership. It was launched in 2013 by the Germany-based online dating network Affinitas, which also runs EliteSingles and eDarling.

The site is a little different than the other serious, marriage-minded sites I discussed above (i.e. eDarling and Meetic). With Amoureux, each member has a different reason to register.

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Survivors include Lynda Darling of Sioux City; two sons, James D. Crank and his significant other, Brenda Bultman of Sioux City, and Dan Darling of Omaha; three granddaughters, Michelle, Danelle and Renea; six great-grandchildren; a sister, Marilyn Carter of Omaha; and very special family friends, Armando Reyes and his extended family, Alondra Baker, parents Ena and Kevin Baker and Peggy and Roger Prodehl.

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