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How to download Tibetan eBooks on your computer

You can read and annotate downloaded ebooks offline on your computer, and transfer them to . You can have up to 10 ebrary ebooks downloaded at a time. Access periods (or you can return the download early):

One in five Americans read an ebook in the past year, according to a 3,000-person released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center. Of those one in five, 42% said they read an ebook on a computer, making it the most popular device for reading electronic copies of books.

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How to read an ebook without an e-reader - Jeaniene Frost

Most devices support ePub files, however, when you have downloaded an ePub book on a PC or Mac, you won't have the ability to simply open it up as it is. You will have to download a special software to read it. ePub is very loved by eBook formats for reading on iPad, iPhone, smartphones and tablets on the move. However, with regards to reading EPUB eBooks on computer, things are messed up. There are several ePub Readers for PC which will allow you to open ePub files and read ePub eBooks on a computer.

this link is to their listing of limited time free ebooks on Computers at Amazon (USA). There are also listings under