There are at least five steps to an effective job search process:

Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door: Job Search Secrets No One Else Will Tell You


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Networking is the king of effectiveness in job searching as it has always had over a 50% effectiveness rate. Especially in this market, networking should be the heart of your search plan as employers are much more inclined to hire someone who is referred to them as compared to a stranger. Networking is not as much fun as applying through job boards and requires a good deal more discipline, but the difference is not only in its effectiveness rate, but also in the quality of the job you obtain.

In short, your effective job search techniques should include the 3 major ways to contact an employer: best job search sites, recruiters and networking. Recognizing the different effectiveness rates of each in securing a new position, make sure you put a heavy emphasis on your networking efforts. Remember that although there are far fewer jobs open than last year, you only need one. Follow these steps and is how to find a job fast, even how to find a job after college or how to find a job out of college.

Ten Tips for an Effective Job Search

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  • Ten Tips for an Effective Job Search

    So what is on the list of how to find a job fast? Start by using or as these are aggregators from the best job search sites, meaning they pull jobs from all the best job searching sites as well as company web sites to give you a single place to find openings. Also look at which is becoming a great place to find local job postings. And do NOT apply over the Internet. Yes that’s right, pull yourself out of the big pile of resumes in HR and use the following simple and effective job search techniques.

    Whether you are learning how to find a job after college or your already established, it seems the first thing a job seeker does is head for the best job search sites. After all, isn’t it exciting to find positions on the best job searching sites that fit you like a glove? The chief problem is that the best job search sites are the most competitive way to find a position and have the least probability of success – generally less than 5% of jobs are filled this way according to industry statistics. That is not to say that you shouldn’t use the best job search sites – it just means that they should not be the heart of your effective job search techniques.