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The book's introduction explains the ancient history of ceramic cookers and the loyal devotion of self-proclaimed EGGheads to these dynamic, original American-designed cookers. Complete with more than 160 recipes and 100 color photographs, the "Big Green Egg Cookbook" is a must for the more than 1 million EGG owners in the United States and a great introduction for anyone wanting to crack the shell of EGGhead culture.

My son who is 12 has taken up trying cooking and he loves to collect our fresh eggs and he can fry a sunny side up and scrambled. Chicken and duck eggs. We have just started two years ago. I Would love to give him this egg cookbook! Would help with his reading. He would love it! Enter us pease

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Eggceptional! This egg cookbook really covers everything - what kind of chicken to buy, what to do with your chickens once you have them, and how to know what kinds of eggs you're getting if you buy them from the store. What does it mean if the eggs are labeled organic, free range, or omega-3 enhanced? How do you know if your eggs are still fresh, if they are cooked or hard boiled, or if they are fertilized? What kinds of eggs are the most nutritious? In addition to over 100 easy egg recipes, the book answers each of these questions and more.

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The "Big Green Egg Cookbook" is the first cookbook specifically celebrating this versatile ceramic cooker. Available in five sizes, Big Green Egg ceramic cookers can sear, grill, smoke, roast, and bake. Here is the cookbook EGGheads have been waiting for, offering a variety of recipes encompassing the cooker's capabilities as a grill, a smoker, and an oven.

From The Fresh Egg Cookbook by Jennifer Trainer Thompson. Copyright 2012 by Jennifer Trainer Thompson. Excerpted by permission of Storey Publishing.