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Bild ELIN Motoren Generator mit Erregereinheit Modell

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Elin Generator 380 V für Micon M530 zum Verkauf

Christian Groene, EMA Diagnostik LLC’s President, said: “We carry a variety of ELIN generators, ranging in power from 750 kW to 2,500 kW as well a variety of the third parties spare parts - frequency converters, bearings, carbon brushes, etc. - for turbines like GE, Vestas, Suzlon, and more. All of these are available through our North American partner Availon, Inc. EMA Diagnostik’s and Avalon’s highly trained technicians will provide repair and exchange services in the shop, in the factory, and up-tower.”

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VF-103 * 9E HSIG Tensioner HT-6690 Elin Generator Flange

  • JJ Loughran engineers carried out a full detailed mechanical and electrical inspection of the Elin generator in-house before it was disassembled, the generator winding integrity was also checked with our Baker tester.
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    ELIN generators feature flexible customer-specific and plant-specific design and the highest quality of its engines. Since 1989 ELIN Motoren GmbH has delivered over 6,000 liquid-cooled generators to wind power industry worldwide.
    John Boorman, Availon North America’s Director of Sales, commented:

    “Our partnership with EMA Diagnostik to support ELIN generators in the North American market opens a new and exciting page in furthering our growth. The exceptional reputation of ELIN generators and other products, and the manufacturer’s proven expertise in the wind industry will add to an already strong product offering. This additional expertise will definitely be welcomed by the owners and operators of North American wind farms.”
    EMA Diagnostik LLC has already set up shop in Des Moines, Iowa. The new facility will serve as a distribution and service center, in addition to the up-tower repairs and equipment exchanges.

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