So what do you do when Elite Operations is under attack?

Elite Survival Covert Operations Discreet Rifle Case, 33-Inch, Black

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Air International has agreed to have Elite Operations provide all of their Ground Operations Training. As part of this relationship, Elite Operations will be taking Ground Operations Training to a whole new level. Omni will benefit from advanced technology as well as more frequent emphasis on problem areas. Unlike so many other air carriers and […]

When Elite Operations is in possession of a tower field, or multiple tower fields, we are able to load up so-called Organization Contracts. These contracts will affect every member of the organization and the bonus given will scale according to each members individual level.

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  • Members are not allowed to leave the guild to attack towers on their own accord, the attacked guild will check your player history and conclude that you are a member of Elite Operations and assume that you are attacking in name of Elite Operations. Members that do so cannot be recruited back into Elite Operations.
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    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled Elite Operations Toys because surface coatings on the toys contain excessive levels of lead, violating the federal lead paint standard.

    The recall involves four military-style Elite Operations toys, including Super Rigs (#1004), Command Patrol Center (#1020), Barracuda Helicopter (#1023), and 3 Pack 8-inch Figures (#1024). The product number is located on the toy's packaging.