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Fleeing to Elude a Law Enforcement Officer is commonly referred to as "Fleeing and Eluding".

Empire (Eagle Elite Book 7)

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Elude (Eagle Elite Book 6)

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A shade as soft and enigmatic as its name – Elude. The black compact, a juxtaposition of matte and shine with the collection’s signature marque on the lid. On the powder’s surface, an intricate mix of patterns. This is form, content & beauty, Pugh-style.

elude 1530s, "delude, make a fool of," from L. eludere "escape from, make a fool of, win from at play," from ex- "out, away" + ludere "to play" (see ludicrous). Sense of "evade" is first recorded 1610s. Related: Eluded; eludes; eluding.

Good, cheap health care has long eluded America. (Economist)

present tense
present participleeluding
past tenseeluded
past participleeluded

"Allude vs Elude." Diffen LLC, n.d. Web. 25 Jul 2016.

(in the sense 'delude, baffle'): from Latin eludere, from e- (variant of ex-) 'out, away from' + ludere 'to play'.

Consider yourself warned-Elude and Blushing apply extremely messy. I recommend using a lip brush (rather than your fingers) to reduce a mess and to avoid staining your fingers. I also recommend using a lip liner to line your lips, as I find that the product tends to stray outside my lips and onto my teeth.