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Emily sold baby jackets and blankets and bootees and bonnets inMrs. Tolliver's stall at the big bazaar and wheedled elderlygentlemen into buying them, with her now famous smile; everybody wasnice to her and she was happy again, though the experience had left ascar. Shrewsbury folks in after years said that Emily Starr had neverreally forgiven them for having talked about her--and added that theMurrays never did forgive, you know. But forgiveness did not enterinto the matter. Emily had suffered so horribly that henceforth thesight of any one who had been connected with her suffering washateful to her. When Mrs. Tolliver asked her, a week later, to pourtea at the reception she was giving her cousin, Emily declinedpolitely, without troubling herself to give any excuse. And somethingin the tilt of her chin, or in the level glance of her eyes, madeMrs. Tolliver feel to her marrow that she was still Polly Riordan ofRiordan Alley, and would never be anybody else in the sight of aMurray of New Moon.

Mr Carpenter is using it in a more affectionate way, calling Emily at first "a little jade" and only in 'Emily Climbs' does it become his nickname for her, "Jade". Its meaning here is something closer to 'hussy' or 'minx'. And his use of the word is meant to show that Mr Carpenter himself is a little risqué for Prince Edward Island.

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Emily Climbs.  First Edition.

[4], [1],  312 pages.

First Edition.  1913.  New York.  frederick A. Stokes, 1925.  good to very good.  In original pictoral green cloth with colour frontispiece by M. L. Kirk, repeated on front cover.  Spine title faded with some browning to leaves adjacent to title page.

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Description : EMILY is a new Canadian musical based on the famous trilogy by Lucy Maud Montgomery: EMILY OF NEW MOON, EMILY CLIMBS and EMILY’S QUEST. The three books deal with the growth of a young woman on Prince Edward Island at the turn of the century, both as an individual and as a writer. Many commentators feel that Emily contains Montgomery’s fantasy of the choices she wishes she had made in her life. EMILY was first presented at the Confederation Centre in Charlottetown in June of 1999 and instantly became a smash hit, proving to be one of the most popular shows in the festival’s thirty-five year history. Included her is an introduction by Richard Ouzounian, the entire play’s script, and four original songs from the musical.

EMILY CLIMBS Emily Starr was born with the desire to write. As an orphan living on New Moon Farm, writing helped her face the difficult, lonely times. But now all her friends are going away to high school in nearby Shrewsbury, and her old-fashioned, tyrannical aunt Elizabeth will only let her go if she promises to stop writng! All the same, this is the first step in Emily’s climb to success. Once in town, Emily’s activities set the Shrewsbury gossips buzzing. But Emily and her friends are confident — Ilse’s a born actress, Teddy’s set to be a great artist, and roguish Perry has the makings of a brilliant lawyer. When Emily has her poems published and writes for the town newspaper, success seems to be on its way — and with it the first whispers of romance. Then Emily is offered a fabulous opportunity, and she must decide if she wants to change her life forever.