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Sea of Lies: An Espionage Thriller

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If you look at the world now, or the way I look at the world now, my gosh, this is a world of terrorist attacks, secretly planned, and secretly thwarted, stolen top secret information, tracking down and assassinating enemies in person or by drones, high seas piracies, mass murders, governments falling and rising by conspiracy and revolution. And all of this rendered more and more in TV evening news, in short bits and high drama. It's the espionage thriller form, it's how we see the world right now.

E. Phillips Oppenheim, the Prince of Storytellers (1866-1946) was an internationally renowned author of mystery and espionage thrillers. His novels and short stories have all the elements of blood-racing adventure and intrigue and are precursors of modern-day spy fictions.

Sea of Lies: An Espionage Thriller - OHFB

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    All four films in the espionage thriller franchise based on the Jason Bourne novels by Robert Ludlum. In...



  • Gayle Lynds: A master of the espionage thriller

    Survivor : Nice espionage thriller based in London. Main attraction is Pierce Brosnan as an assassin. He really dominates the movie though he is the villain.

    Of course, this is an espionage thriller, so it should go without saying that not everyone is what they appear to be, and there will be at least one big reveal or switcheroo before the credits roll.