Check out this @Evite invitation design, 8 Bit!

Dickies Men's E-Vis Long Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt, ANSI Orange, Small

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More information about Evite Donations can be found .

Hand-written invites are lovely but face it: you don't have time to mess with them for every little get-together you host. My posse relies heavily on Facebook to spread the word about parties, but sometimes you need something more special. It's cool: those options are out there! And Offbeat Home is reviewing for you.

Since its launch last August, Evite Donations has doubled in impact each quarter, raising money now for over 2,300 charities across various events, including unexpected ones like the Polar Circle Half Marathon.

Never shall I return to the barren plains of evite.

  • Do guests need an Evite account in order to RSVP?
  • Tell your friends it's time to say goodbye to Evite.

    Finally there is the too-good-for-EVITE person. They get the EVITE, click on it but instead of just saying they send you an essay about why they cannot attend. Seriously, please get over yourself and quit being a drama queen.

    If Evite terminates your Evite Postmark account for cause, including due to your violation of these Terms of Service, then for all unused Credits that remain in your Evite Postmark account at the time of termination, Evite will refund the then current dollar value of those Credits (as determined by the most current per credit purchase cost available on the Evite Service) to you, either through a credit to your charge card, credit to your Paypal account, check mailed to your most current mailing address or such other reasonable process as determined in Evite's sole discretion, less a fee of Twenty-Five Dollars ($25) to cover the cost of processing such refund. If there is less than Twenty-Five Dollars ($25) of Credit value remaining in your account, Evite will not seek any reimbursement from you but we will simply zero out the account. In the event that Evite fails in its attempt to refund any such amounts and is unable to locate you within five (5) business days after attempting to contact you through your most recent contact information, you agree that you direct Evite (or its third party designee) to donate the then current dollar value of those Credits to a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) charity in your name, which may be a donation in the name of a collective group, such as "Former Evite Members" that does not expressly include your name.